Graphite Products

  • Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor and Shaft

    1. Long service life anti-oxidation graphite rotor and shaft.
    2. Different anti-oxidation solutions available to propose as per applying situation.
    3. Precise machining to ensure good concentricity.
    4. Graphite rotor and shaft design service available.
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  • Graphite Crucibles for Aluminum Vacuum Evaporation Coating

    1. Graphite Crucible Specially used for Aluminum Vaccuum Evaporation Coating,
    2. High hardness, anti-corrosion of evaporated aluminum
    3. long service life with competitive price.
    4. Mirror polised surface.
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  • Graphite Dies for Up Continuous Casting of Copper and Alloys

    1. Customized graphite dies for up continuous casting of copper,bronze, brass.
    2. Machined from high purity graphite material
    3. Polished mirror surfaces, avoiding scratches on copper.
    4. Most cost-effective solutions available.
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  • Graphite Heating Components

    1. Graphite heating components applied in industrial furnaces.
    2. Customize production of various graphite heating parts according to drawings.
    3. Cost-effective solutions based on extensive experiences.
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  • Graphite Mould for Sintering

    1.Extensive experiences in graphite sintering moulds production.
    2.Specially made high purity dense graphite materials with high hardness and good strength, ensuring long service life. ...
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  • EDM Graphite Electrodes

    1. Super fine grain size graphite material.
    2. High discharging speed, no shapes deformation.
    3. We are capable to precisely machine complicated shapes EDM molds.
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  • High Purity Graphite Mould for Precious Metal Shaping

    1. Customized graphite moulds specially for precious metal casting.
    2. High purity graphite material avoids pollutions to treated precious metals.
    3. CNC turning center machining ensures precise dimensions.
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  • Graphite Anodes for Electrolysis and Electroplating

    1. Custom made high purity graphite anodes as per drawings.
    2. High density, without slags falling off.
    3. Cost-effective graphite material solutions based on specific applying situation.
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  • Graphite Boats For Vanadium-nitrogen Alloy Production

    Graphite Boats for V anadium-nitrogen A lloy Production Introduction to Graphite Boats for V anadium-nitrogen A lloy Production Vanadium-nitrogen alloy is alloy additives with high performance. By replacing vanadium-iron, it could be applied for microalloyed steel production....
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  • Graphite Bipolar Plates

    Graphite Bipolar Plates Introduction to Graphite Bipolar Plates Graphite bipolar plates, also called graphite current collecting plates or graphite separating plates, are key parts of fuel cell, and play roles of gas flow channel to avoid mixture of different gas and...
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  • Graphite Products Applied For Purification Of Graphite Negative Electrode

    Graphite Products Applied for Purification of Graphite Negative Electrode Material Introduction to Graphite Products Applied for Purification of Graphite Negative Electrode Material Artificial and natural graphite powder need to be purified when it is applied for lithium ion...
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  • Graphite Crucibles For Mesocarbon Microbeads Production

    Graphite Crucibles for M esocarbon M icrobeads Production Introduction to Graphite Crucibles for M esocarbon M icrobeads Production M esocarbon Microbeads are optimal negative electrode material for lithium ion battery. During production, mesophase pitch microbeads are loaded...
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