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High Temperature Furnaces Applied

Graphite Containers

1. Custom made high purity anti-oxidation graphite containers.
2. Cost-effective solutions based on specific applying situation.

Introduction to Graphite Containers
Graphite containers applied in high temperature furnaces are mainly graphite boats, graphite crucibles, graphite boxes, graphite tubes, graphite discs and other shaped graphite parts.

Advantages of Graphite Containers

● Cost-effective Graphite Material Solutions
To select the most suitable grade of graphite material, the important factors Zibo Yinxuan considers are zero pollution to treated products, long service life of graphite container and low cost of graphite material.

● Precise Machining
Fully meet customers' requirements of dimension accuracy.

● Special Treatment
Based on users' specific application requirements, Zibo Yinxuan is capable of purifying graphite containers and applying anti-oxidation treatment.


Graphite Sintering Boat


Graphite Containers


graphite Crucibles


Graphite Cylinder


graphite Square Box


High Purity Graphite Crucibles


Graphite Containers


Graphite Crucibles


Graphite Sintering Boat

If you're going to buy the quality and durable graphite containers made in China, welcome to consult the quotation and the price list with us. We are one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory will offer you the customized carbon products with high purity at low price.

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